Reach Anger



                                                                          Stephen Simmer

                                           LICSW, PhD


Is your temper doing you more harm than good?

Do you know someone who struggles with anger?

Are you required by work, the courts, or girlfriend/partner to complete an anger management program?

The REACH Program may be the starting place for you.


What is the REACH Anger Management Program?

It's one of the oldest continually operating anger management programs in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts.  It is an 8-session group program, using an established, researched-based approach called cognitive-behavioral therapy.  We work on five main skills in the program, which you can read more about by clicking here.  Click here for more details about enrolling in a group.

Who runs the groups?

The REACH groups are led by Stephen Simmer, LICSW, PhD. Dr. Simmer has developed his approach to anger work over twenty years, and has helped hundreds of individuals gain mastery over their anger during that period. He has also led training seminars for other counselors and psychotherapists in his approach, with over a hundred daylong seminars in over thirty states of the U. S. He has also written and illustrated the Vicious Circles Manual, which is used widely in anger management groups around the country. Click here for more information about Stephen Simmer.



How often do groups run?

Groups are started approximately three times a year--more, if needed.  One group begins in the fall, one in the late winter or early spring, and one in the summer.   The groups meet weekly for eight consecutive weeks, meeting on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings.  Click here for more information about how to enroll.

Is the REACH Program for men, women, or both?

Both men and women are welcome in the groups.  However, most group members are men.  Why?  The simplest answer is that most of the damage from anger comes from men.  According to the research into couples violence, workplace violence, road rage, shaken baby syndrome, and school violence, 85-95% of those involved are male.  Does this mean that only men are angry or violent?  No.  Women report feeling anger as often as do men.  Women are just as likely as men to initiate violence in a couple's dispute.  But men are bigger and stronger, and more likely to cause damage and injury. 

How about individual work on anger?

Dr. Simmer has worked with many individuals focused on anger, in addition to the REACH groups.  The individual work is structured in the same way as the group work.  Individual work, however, cannot generally be scheduled for a late appointment time, usually takes longer because of scheduling issues, and is usually more costly.  Click here for information on Stephen Simmer's psychotherapy practice.

How about adolescents?

Dr. Simmer has arranged adolescent groups several times when the need has arisen. Most often, however, anger work with adolescents involves individual or family work.

What if I live too far away for a live REACH group?

Individual telephone consultation can be arranged with Stephen Simmer, LICSW, PhD, billed to Paypal or a major credit card. Contact Stephen Simmer by email for information. We also have available a 102-page anger management book called The Vicious Circles Manual, available for order on this site. In addition, we will soon go live with an online anger management program that can be completed at your computer. The program is called SimmerDownOnline, and a trial site is already posted loaded with anger management content.  Temporarily, we invite you to explore the program for free, while it is in beta testing.